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Wisdom & Wellness


All services can be provided in person or virtually depending on your preference.

For Individuals

Individual Wellness Coaching: Learn ways to manage stress using HeartMath® techniques and technology, find what fulfills you while gaining strategies for wellbeing, nutrition and exercise, along with coaching on life issues. One hour individual sessions or contact us to discuss a custom solution tailored to your needs.

For Organizations

Group Wellness Coaching: Learn how to utilize HeartMath® techniques to Find Calm amidst the Chaos. Connect with others while you learn techniques to manage stress and build resilience during challenging times.

Organizational Training/ Corporate and professional workplace wellness programs: Services address burnout, absenteeism, errors while improving focus, decision making, engagement, communication, creativity, innovation, and productivity. Employees and staff will learn tools to manage stress and build resilience to develop tools to help with productivity, time management, and relationships.

Stress and Wellbeing Assessment: A normed and validated comprehensive illustration of current levels of stress, wellbeing, and resilience. SWBA can offer insight to focus on topics and techniques that will benefit you most, maximizing your opportunity to experience results and set achievable goals, while tracking progress along the way. 72 questions- 12 scales.

Workshop Options:
6 – 45 min workshops within 3 months
1 hour “lunch and learn”, 1x/month for 9 months
2 hour Resilience Advantage™ Workshop
4 hour Resilience Advantage™ Workshop
8 hour Resilience Advantage™ Workshop
Stress and Wellbeing Assessment (SWBA)
2 hour Resilience Advantage™ Workshop with 3 individual sessions per participant
4 ½ hour Resilience Advantage™ Workshop with SWBA Assessment
25 Sustainability Sessions for folks completing workshop

Or contact us today to design a custom package designed specifically for your organization’s needs.

*All workshops include use of emWave® Pro and Inner Balance™ technology. (Technology available for purchase if desired.)